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Welcome to Trader Binary, a valued source of information, advice and learning’s for new or seasoned traders looking to find out more about binary options, Forex Trading and Cryptocurrency. On our website you will have unlimited access to the following:
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Basic Education

Options Analysis

Options Analysis

3 of the most effective ways to conduct options analysis is through a viable Economic Calendar, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis. Economic Calendar One of the most effective ways to...

What is Currencies?

What is Currencies?

Currency is a means of purchasing via trading. The currency market is a multi-trillion dollar market, making it the world’s largest market. Currency trading is conducted through market makers and...

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Whether you are looking for strategy development advice or you want to cross check reviews on top brokers, our website provides new and experienced traders with all the key information.

With years of experience in binary options trading, we’re proud to be able to share our knowledge through this established website. We’ve had experience with a number of brokers too and we can provide detailed reviews.

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Olymp Trade is an international Broker for Digital Options and Forex. The company is based in Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre P.O. box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and managed by Walfort Limited.

What is Forex?

Forex is the foreign exchange market where currencies are traded against each other in pairs. The foreign exchange market consists of currencies from every country, traded 24 hours a day, Monday through to Saturday.

Forex trading works by buying one currency against another currency. The currencies are always in pairs with the first currency in the pair (the one on the left) called the ‘base’ currency, whilst the other currency in the pair (on the right) is called the ‘counter’ currency.

Example: EUR/USD – the EUR (Euro) is the base currency and the USD (US Dollar) is the counter currency.
Profit (or loss) is made by one currency appreciating or depreciating against the other currency in a currency pairing.

Free Download Indicators

Free DownloadFree Download

You buy a currency pair if you believe the base currency will strengthen against the counter currency. You sell a currency pair if you believe the base currency will weaken against the counter currency.


Profit is measured in Pips – Percentage in Points. Nearly all currency pairs are quoted to 5 decimal places with the change in the final decimal place – referred to as a ‘pip’. For example, the EUR/USD is valued at 1.3542 – the 2 at the end is the pip. If the price of the EUR/USD rose to 1.3544, then the EUR/USD is said to have risen 2 pips.


When buying or selling a currency there is always a two price quotation – A bid price and an ask price. The difference between the prices is called the spread. The bid price represents the maximum price that a buyer is willing to pay for a currency, whilst the ask price represents the minimum price that a seller is willing to receive for the currency.


Forex trades are leveraged, in the case of Forex brokers, leverage of 100:1 is offered. This means that every trade is magnified by 100 times, enabling higher profits as the trader is able to increase the amount being purchased.

Basic Strategies Binary Options

Trading With 5 Minute Binary Options Expiry Times

Trading With 5 Minute Binary Options Expiry Times

Five minute binary options expiry times are now being offered by brokers such as Best Brokers. Shorter expiry times such as this appeal to traders who wish to add profits...

Basic Binary Options Investing Foundation For Strategies

Basic Binary Options Investing Foundation For Strategies

Binary options investing offers an innovative yet simple way to make money; a person can make huge gains or lose his entire money in a span of few minutes. The...

Breakdown Of Triple Ladder Binary Option Trades

Breakdown Of Triple Ladder Binary Option Trades

Like other types of trades, ladder trades require some research on the part of the investor, although they can definitely be worthwhile for anyone who does their homework. These advanced...

What Are Commodities?

In simple terms, commodities are the raw materials used to help in our everyday lives. We use energy to sustain it, metals to

What Are Commodities?build weapons and tools, and agricultural products for food. These — energy, metals, and agricultural products — are the three classes of commodities, and they are the essential building blocks of the global economy.

Commodities in general meet the following criteria:

Tradability: Meaning there needs to be a viable investment vehicle to help you trade it. For example, a commodity is included if it has a futures contract assigned to it on one of the major exchanges, or if a company processes it, or if there’s  a mutual fund that is traded like stocks on an exchange.

Uranium, which is an important energy commodity, isn’t tracked by a futures contract, but several companies specialize in mining and processing this mineral. By investing in these companies, you get exposure to uranium.

Deliverability: Crude oil is included because it can be delivered in barrels, and wheat is included because it can be delivered by the bushel.

Liquidity: Every commodity must have an active market with buyers and sellers constantly transacting with each other. Liquidity is critical because it gives you the option of getting in and out of an investment without having to face the difficulty of trying to find a buyer or seller for your securities.

Risks with Investing in Commodities

Investing is all about managing the risk involved with generating returns. Here are some common risks you face when investing in commodities and some small steps you can take to minimize these risks.

Geopolitical risk with commodities investments

One of the risks of commodities is that the world’s natural resources are located in various continents and the jurisdiction over these commodities lies with governments, international companies, and other entities. For example, to access the large deposits of oil located in the Persian Gulf region, oil companies have to deal with the sovereign countries of the Middle East that have jurisdiction over this oil.

International disagreements over the control of natural resources are quite commonplace. Sometimes a host country will simply kick out foreign companies involved in the                       

Production and distribution of natural resources.

So how to protect yourself from this uncertainty? One way is to invest in companies with experience and economies of scale. For example, if you’re interested in investing in an international oil company, go with one with an established track record.

Speculative risk with commodities

The commodities markets, just like the bond or stock markets, are populated by traders whose primary interest is in making short-term profits by speculating whether the price of a security will go up or go down.

If you trade commodities, constantly check the markets, finding out as much as you can about who the market participants are so that you can distinguish between the commercial users and the speculators.

One source you can check out is the Commitment of Traders report, which is put out by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). 

Important Terms Used in Forex Trading

Important Terms Used in Forex Trading

Forex trading is growing in popularity with traders across the globe. Also known as Foreign Exchange, the forex market essentially describes trading of currencies that are used worldwide. It is...

Why Choose Forex?

Why Choose Forex?

Hard work and good intentions don’t always lead up to an income which an individual is satisfied with. One always aspires for that little bit extra to have a luxurious...

Demo Accounts

A demoEverything You Wanted To Know About Binary Options Demo Accounts account is simply a practice account that will allow you to trade binary options risk-free. There are two different types – one which will allow you to trade within a specific demo designed platform, the other which will allow you to trade within the exact same platform as other traders. The type of demo that is provided will be at the discretion of the individual broker. Note that not all brokers provide these accounts, so don’t be surprised when you encounter a broker that does not.

When trading with a full demo account, you should be able to test out all of the trade types. The only real difference would be that the investment funds are only practice funds and not actual money. Any money that you earn will not be yours to keep, just like any money that you lose will not come out of your pocket. This provides you with the opportunity to learn how to trade binary options risk-free, with no real concern over profits and losses. This is not to say that you should not pay attention to these things, only that no actual money will exchange hands. Read more.

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