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60 Second Volume Strategy

At a base level, super-short expiry period trades are designed to attract digital options traders who crave excitement, fast action, and quick profits. This strategy is for those who like to trade quickly and feel comfortable with accumulating smaller profit amounts on each trade, while still managing to build account funds quickly via an increased [...]

2019-08-18T17:08:57+01:005:08 pm|Basic Strategy|

Five Solid Strategies For New Traders

Not all digital options strategies are solid and not all strategies are appropriate for new traders. Certain strategies, although quite effective in design, will only provide benefits when used by traders who already have some experience with both trading and analysis. The five strategies discussed in this article are easy to use and will provide [...]

2019-08-18T16:55:34+01:004:55 pm|Basic Strategy|

Primary MACD Strategy

The MACD analysis tool was developed in the 1970′s and today is used by traders who need help in locating excellent trade opportunities. The tool provides benefits by allowing traders to assess the strength of current price movement, while also providing indicators for the direction of movement. Sound like the perfect analysis tool? It is [...]

2019-08-17T20:52:27+01:008:52 pm|Basic Strategy|

Sell Option Buy Me Out Strategy

The main purpose of Sell or Buy Me Out features is to allow digital options traders to minimize losses. However, this feature can also be used to lock in some profit. Within the broker digital options platform, traders will be presented with the opportunity to sell some of their open trades back to the broker. [...]

2019-08-17T20:31:57+01:008:31 pm|Basic Strategy|

Commodity Plus Stock Connection Strategy

When you connect commodities and stocks, magic can happen. That is just what this digital options strategy aims to do in an effort to provide traders with big profits. You will need at least a little trading experience in order to execute this strategy correctly. Beginners, go ahead and pay attention to this one, as [...]

2019-08-17T19:52:25+01:007:52 pm|Basic Strategy|

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