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Digital Currency Pair S&R Strategy

This digital options strategy is founded on technical analysis, with the focus being on support and resistance lines. The strategy is quite simple, since there are no complex indicators involved, but you will need to know how to draw support and resistance lines within your preferred analysis chart. If you can do this, then the [...]

2019-08-17T20:42:24+01:007:37 pm|Basic Strategy|

Digital Options Fast Scalping Strategy

In relation to digital options trading, scalping simply means trading in exchange for small profit amounts which can of course add up to larger profits. The goal is to enter into lower risk trades which stand a higher chance of finishing in the money. Even though the profit yield may be on the smaller side, [...]

2019-08-17T19:15:54+01:007:15 pm|Basic Strategy|

Triple Indicator Condition Strategy

This strategy is simple enough for novice traders despite the fact that it consists of more than one condition for market entry. This strategy makes use of Moving Averages periods of 5 and 10, an RSI of 14, and a Stochastic of 14, 3, and 3. Clearly, you must have some knowledge of RSI, Stochastic, [...]

2019-08-17T19:02:42+01:007:02 pm|Basic Strategy|

EUR – USD Whole Number Strategy Options

It’s generally a good idea to allow entry points to establish themselves prior to trading digital options. Forcing a trade is among one the biggest mistakes made by traders. It can be frustrating to wait a long time for an indicator, and then there are also false signals to consider. This strategy works to avoid [...]

2019-08-15T23:24:03+01:0011:24 pm|Basic Strategy|

Pivot Point Breakout Strategy

Among the best ways to take advantage of asset price trends is to be able to predict price breakouts properly. In order to accomplish this, you must understand price action and comprehend how it is swayed by various factors. Price action in relation to binary options trading can be defined as the outcome of investor [...]

2019-08-14T23:45:15+01:0011:45 pm|Basic Strategy|

Market Correction Strategy

The purpose of this digital options strategy is to help you anticipate the direction of asset price movement and in doing so have a large number of your trades be profitable. This strategy is centered around the belief that markets have a tendency to correct themselves following movements in a single direction. This suggests that [...]

2019-08-14T23:24:22+01:0011:21 pm|Basic Strategy|

Double-Trade Straddle Strategy Digital Options

The Straddle strategy has been used by digital options traders for quite some time. This strategy is actually quite simple, requiring only basic math skills. Analysis matters very little when using this strategy and that is quite rare to hear. But once you know what this strategy entails, you’ll understand why analysis can be placed [...]

2019-08-14T23:09:36+01:0011:09 pm|Basic Strategy|

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