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Binomo Scam Broker Review Beware

Some of the latest rumors rippling across the binary options market are of an Binomo scam. Let us establish first of all that there is not an Binomo scam. While it is true that there are dishonest people who try to take advantage of the unsuspecting, there are still many reputable binary options brokers available online who are running a legitimate business and offering traders a business opportunity through which they have the capacity to make a substantial profit. There is no truth to the rumors about there being an Binomo scam.

Binomo Really Scam?

Some comments indicate that digital options brokers are trying to manipulate the data feeds that display financial information. In this way, the broker could gain an unfair advantage over the traders and could control outcomes of trades more easily. This would indeed be a dishonest way of operating. However, since there is no Binomo scam, it is certain that it is not occurring on their platform. The team shares accurate and current financial data that can be used to make purchases on the platform. The broker is offering an honest platform from which traders can use appropriate strategies to make profitable trades.

Binomo APP

Binomo APP

Taking a careful look at the availability of helpful educational resources is one way to decide if there is an Binomo scam or not. The broker who does not want a trader to succeed will not make these types of binary options materials available. Educational resources are typically found on a broker’s site to assist traders in learning how the trading platform works. If there was an Binomo scam there would be no resources available to help traders on the trading platform. However, on the site there are three major resources to help novice traders find success at trading binary options.

An Binomo scam would not even make them accessible but the broker has them on the front page of the site so that they are easy to find. These teaching resources include a course on the basics of binary options and how to make a trade; and an entire Binary eCourse as well as a Binary Option Tutorial to help get traders started and keep them ending up in the money.

Another way to know that an Binomo scam does not exist is to examine the other available resources on the broker’s site. They have a handy and easy to use glossary of all the terms associated with binary options, an assets index which is very useful. The broker makes every attempt to help traders be successful at binary options rather than inhibiting their ability to make a profit.

An Binomo scam would do everything possible to keep traders from making money rather than attempting to help them become successful traders who know how to access and win at trading options.

The “contact us” link is in plain site on the broker’s web page. One of the primary ways to identify any type of Binomo scam would be if they were not able to be contacted easily. However, they make contacting the broker very simple. They are open with all their contact information and make their phone numbers from various countries around the globe available for all site visitors. They also offer an email contact where brokers may send a question; and provide their complete location and address. Making these open and easily available is a sure sign that there is no such thing as an Binomo scam. A dishonest broker will not make it easy for traders to make any type of contact with them.

For those who need help immediately, the broker provides a live chat option. Any broker who was running an Binomo scam would not want to speak directly with a trader. But this reputable broker offers a FAQ page, a Quick Guide for assistance and the live chat option. They make every attempt to be accessed by traders who may have any sort of question arise at any time of the day or night. There is also a call back option where a trader can leave their name and contact information so that a representative can call them or email them. There is no Binomo scam or these means of contacting the broker would not be available. This broker has used every available avenue to be accessible to traders. This is certainly not signs of a broker who is trying to hide from their traders.

Binomo Payment

Binomo Payment Method

Bonuses are also a sure indicator that there is no such thing as an Binomo scam. This reputable broker offers three different investment bonuses as promotions to new traders. These bonuses are termed an “educational allowance.” The whole purpose of the different bonuses is to give the new trader extra money so that they can learn how to trade on the platform. This gives traders some extra cash to invest without the fear of taking great losses. Traders may try out different types of strategies while minimizing losses.

This is obviously not an indicator of a broker running an Binomo scam. After choosing an allowance plan and finishing up the educational opportunities, a trader will become a VIP. They will then have priorities when desiring to schedule an appointment with market analysts. Traders are assigned a unique VIP number so that they can call analysts during normal trading hours. This will also ensure that traders can get their withdrawals processed in 3 to 5 business days. These types of arrangements are clear indicators that there is no such thing as an Binomo scam. Only an open and honest broker would go to these extremes to ensure that traders have a pleasant and profitable learning experience on their platform.

Rather than an Binomo scam, this broker is one of the leading trading platforms for binary options available online today. The reputable broker makes several options available to traders in all the current trading investments: commodities, currency pairs, indices and stocks. The platform is especially designed to be very easy to navigate and use; and it has some very unique features to help traders manage their money.

Binomo Trading

These unique features are not available through other brokers. Again, these amenities are just some of the proof that the Binomo scam is just a bunch of untrue rumors. This broker is one of the only ones online who really know how to take care of their traders. Any type of site that was running an Binomo scam would not be trying to make it easy on traders; scams try to take advantage of traders instead of helping them.

Binomo scam

Binomo Trading Plataform


The broker also offers traders some specialized trading tools such as Extend and Close. These tools are designed to let traders close out an option before it reaches expiry; or extend the expiry date after the contract is purchased if they desire to do so. No broker that is running dishonestly will make these types of unique tools available. Yet one more reason why there is literally not one ounce of truth behind the Binomo scam. This broker is making every effort to help traders learn how trades work and then they give them every opportunity to make those trades profitable. There is no way that an Binomo scam would go so far out of the way to help traders ensure their own profitability and success.

If there were an Binomo scam such as the untrue rumors speak of, traders would be running from the broker. But the broker in spite of the Binomo scam rumors has continued to gain momentum in popularity with traders recently. Traders will find that the trading environment is pleasant and easy to navigate. This is something that the broker did on purpose to enhance the trader’s experience on their platform. An Binomo scam would make it difficult for traders to perform the tasks needed to make successful trades. They would also try to make it difficult to withdraw earnings when it is time. The fact that all of these functions are simple and straightforward to perform dispels the myths behind any Binomo scam.

Another main piece of evidence which shows that there is no such thing as an Binomo scam is the broad base of options that are made available through the platform. The broker provides three types of binary options for traders: digital, touch and range are all available for traders to make a profit.

Binomo Scam Conclusion

Withdrawals are usually one of the problems cited in any type of Binomo scam rumor. But the broker has a couple of ways for traders to withdraw their funds. They can have it deposited back onto the card they used to make their initial deposit, or they may choose to request a wire transfer. It may take up to 14 days for the transaction to be completed. This is not an indication of any type of Binomo scam, it simply means the transaction may take a long time to complete.

These are just a few of the rumors surrounding the Binomo scam. Hopefully, this clears it all up and readers understand that there is absolutely no Binomo scam. They are a reputable broker who keeps the trader in mind.



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