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A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that our website places on your device when visiting the website. Cookies are used to optimize user experience, render the website operable, enable website security and provide the business with marketing information about the website’s visitors.

Traderbinary.net website uses cookies to provide the functionality a user needs to browse the website properly issuing cookies upon visiting the website, unless the user has changed cookie settings in their browser to refuse cookies. Please note that when opting out from imposition of cookies on your device, certain services will not be made available to you.

We use both session ID cookies and persistent cookies. A session ID cookie expires when you close your browser whereas a persistent cookie remains on your hard drive for an extended period of time. Persistent cookies are used for statistical purposes and for site content customization according to your preferences and location.

The below table provides the Website user with information on which cookies are set when you visit the Website and how to opt out from those cookies being imposed on your device or subsequently delete them. Traderbinary.net users should be familiar with the Company’s Privacy Policy detailing our Cookie policy.

Please note that not all the cookies on our sites are set by us. The below section provides information on third party cookies and opt out options. To learn more about cookies and how you can view and delete them, please visit https://developers.google.com/web/tools/chrome-devtools/manage-data/cookies.

sNameCookie TypeLife TimeDescriptionImpact
tracking1st Party1 motnhWebsite core: tracking parameters
tfxl_geoip_redirect1st Party1 yearWebsite core: geoip information
company1st PartySESSIONWebsite core: company information
has_js1st PartySESSIONWebsite security. Checking if JavaScript is enabled or not.
SERVERID_L3rd PartySESSIONLive chat cookie
_gat_UA-9367165-1311st Party1 hourWebsite core: google analitycs
_ga1st Party2 yearsWebsite core: google analitycs
__utmz1st Party6 monthWebsite core: campaign counter/identification.
__utmt_UA-9367165-131st Party1 hourWebsite core: google analitycs
__utmc1st PartySESSIONWebsite core: visitor tracking session.
__utmb1st Party1 hourWebsite core: visitor session timeout.
__utma1st Party2 yearsWebsite core: visitor counter/identifier.
visid_incap_6355293rd Party2 yearsCDN cookie
visid_incap_5582473rd Party2 yearsCDN cookie
userinfo1st Party27 yearsWebsite core: user information
_hjUserId3rd Party1 year  ?
nlbi_6355293rd PartySESSION?
lc_window_state3rd PartySESSIONLive chat cookie
kvcd3rd PartySESSIONKissmetrics cookie
km_vs3rd Party1 hourKissmetrics cookie
km_uq3rd Party5 yearsKissmetrics cookie
km_lv3rd Party5 yearsKissmetrics cookie
km_ai3rd Party5 yearsKissmetrics cookie
incap_ses_325_6355293rd PartySESSIONCDN cookie
incap_ses_324_5582473rd PartySESSIONCDN cookie
incap_ses_323_5582473rd PartySESSIONCDN cookie
__lc.visitor_id.g6092921_03rd Party3 yearsLive chat cookie
SITE_LANG1st Party5 yearsWebsite core: language informatoion
NewSite1st Party1 yearWebsite core: site identificator
recent_window.group03rd PartySESSIONLive chat cookie
message_text.group03rd PartySESSIONLive chat cookie
main_window_timestamp_0.group03rd PartySESSIONLive chat cookie
main_window_timestamp.group03rd PartySESSIONLive chat cookie
incap_ses_87_5933953rd PartySESSIONCDN cookie
__livechat_lastvisit3rd Party2 yearsLive chat cookie
__livechat3rd Party2 yearsLive chat cookie
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