Coronavirus updates: Lowest death toll for weeks in UK, Italy, and Spain


  1. Everyone over five years old in UK with symptoms can be tested for coronavirus, health secretary says
  2. The WHO’s decision-making body is meeting as members call for an investigation into the handling of the pandemic
  3. China’s President Xi defends his country’s response and says review can happen after virus “under control”
  4. More European countries are relaxing lockdown restrictions on Monday, with bars and restaurants reopening in Italy
  5. The UK adds loss of smell or taste to the list of coronavirus symptoms people should look out for
  6. Japan enters first recession since 2015, with 0.9% GDP drop in first quarter
  7. The mayor of Brazil’s biggest city, Sao Paulo, warns its health system is close to collapse
  8. Globally, there are 4.7 million confirmed cases and 315,000 deaths

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