Digital Options: True or False

Digital Options: True or False In The Money Online

You need a broker in order to trade digital options: True

Your broker will provide you with the investment platform, and hopefully much more than just this. A great broker will teach you how to trade correctly, offer non-stop support, handle your banking deposits and withdrawals, and offer you extras such as market analysis, strategy information, and more.

You’ll never earn money from digital options: False

There is much that could be said here, but the basic trade says it best. Whenever you enter into a Put or Call trade, you are given a 50/50 chance of earning money. Even if you do nothing other than take a guess at the upcoming price movement, you have a 50% chance of profiting. Now, if you put some effort in, those odds shift to your favor. In summary, anyone can earn money from this form of trading. How much you earn will ultimately be up to you though.

You can earn over 80% profit on trades: True

When you trade with best broker, you will have the chance to earn as much as 85% or more on basic trades and 400% or more on One Touch trades. The return percentage is posted inside each trade box, telling you exactly how much you can earn each time your asset price movement prediction is correct. Earnings are not limited. If you trade well, you can generate massive profits in very little time. This is particularly true when using binary options sixty second trades.

You need previous market experience to trade digital options: False

No investment experience of any kind is needed. Even if you’ve never so much as glanced at the financial section of your local newspaper, you can still trade for profit. The process is so simple and so basic that even a child could master the steps in less than one hour. You will need to analyse your chosen assets, but even that is not complicated. You’ll quickly learn what drives asset prices and then can use what you’ve learned to earn even more money.

Trades can complete in one minute: True

Digital Options provides many different expiry times to choose from, one of which is the 60-second trade. The name is in reference to the expiry time, which is indeed just a single minute. Also offered are 30-second and 120-second trades. These trades can be extremely exciting and when you’re trading well, profits can add up very quickly.

Start-up costs are high: False

When you trade digital options with brokers you’ll never pay any trading fees nor commission. Even better, you can get started with just a small minimum deposit – 100% of which will be available for you to use in your trades. When compared to other forms of investment, digital options tends to always offers the lowest fees of any form of trading.

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