Forex for Small Speculators from Noble DraKoln for Beginners

Forex for Small Speculators from Noble DraKoln for Beginners

If you are a new to Forex trading, Forex for Small Speculators from Noble DraKoln is definitely the right choice. According to the writer, this book is aimed to cater the requirements from traders who are new and don’t know even a bit about Forex trading. Even several traders who reviewed it in Amazon claim that it is good for Forex traders who are wet behind the ears.

Forex for Small Speculators is a general overview of the Forex market and covers history of foreign exchange and profit making from it. Writer Noble DraKoln has tried to bring information about the macro topics in Forex and Forex trading. He talks about economic factors that have fundamental effects on the currency market.

Noble DraKoln, the founder of Speculator Academy, is a prominent name in Forex trading. His organization was the first open-education trading company, which provides a platform for educators, authors, and traders from around the world present and participate in their unique Virtual Trading Floors.

To be precise Forex for Small Speculators is not a book for those who wish to learn the skills in Forex trading but to know about it and explore some fundamentals. It would not tell traders about technical issues involved in day-to-day trading; rather, a general idea of what everyone is talking about when they are trading Forex.

The very short book with just 96 pages, 82 excluding the glossary provides luxury reading as every line is doubled spaced. This book is recommended for the traders who wish to be armed with enough jargon and basics to boldly open a forex account.

Second Edition of Forex for Small Speculators

Now writer has brought in second edition of the book Forex for Small Speculators as he felt that his first book was lambasted over the years because it was too simplistic. He says that he wrote that book because at that time Forex was brand new and exciting. However, later on he realized Forex is expanding and there is a need for an update.

His new book contains technical analysis which was underdeveloped then. Moreover, since he introduced the book, he has been trading a lot and has learned a lot of skills which he has incorporated in the new book; he hopes it will help readers. He says that new and improved as well as relevant topics have been covered in the second edition.

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