Guide To Asset Classes

Guide To Asset Classes To Trade Online in Digital

Here at several brokers, you’ll find four major asset classes to select your underlying assets from. Commodities, currency Pairs, indices and stocks are each available and can be used to trade with within our platform. Understanding just what each of these types of assets has to offer will definitely help make you a better trader, so let’s review them.


In terms of volatility, you’re going to find that commodity prices are highly susceptible to becoming volatile whenever market sentiment is strong. With commodities coming from agriculture, mining, utilities, and more, this should come as no surprise. This is not always a bad thing, as with most trade types you do need for the price of the asset to be in motion in order to have the potential to generate a profit.

Typically, commodities are considered to be either hard or soft. Hard commodities are the resources that need to be excavated or mined. This would include things like oil, gold, etc. Soft commodities are derived from the agricultural sector. This includes items like wheat, corn, coffee, and more. There is much to consider when trading commodities within our binary options platform, so be sure to complete analysis prior to each trade in order to see the best results.


The Forex marketplace is the largest financial market of all. On average, the financial turnover within this market is about three trillion dollars – each day! As a result of its immense size, the Forex market usually offers more liquidity than any other market. Here at brokers, you will be able to trade with major currencies such as the USD, EUR, GBP, and many more. Again, be sure to do your homework prior to trading. There are many different events which can impact the values of currencies.


An index represents an entire market and every company included within. Each of the businesses included within the index help to account for its overall value. The value of a single stock will not change the value of an index, but when many stocks are going either up or down, the value of the index will change along with these changes. Indicies can be found in every major country, with each offering its own distinct characteristics.

When making use of this asset class to trade, you’ll be provided with a way to cover more ground within the financial markets. You’ll essentially trading multiple stocks using just a single trade. Each index-based trade will be based upon the overall index value, and not only individual stocks. Indices can be an excellent selection when trading binary options, particularly during times when market sentiment is strong.


Digital options traders love stocks and here at brokers we provide you with plenty to choose from. Keep in mind that when trading with stocks in a binary options platform, you are not purchasing the stock, but instead using it to enter into a prediction centered around its future value. Once the expiry time completes, your link to the stock is no more. This holds true with each of the assets we offer for use in trades.

If you are new to trading binary options, you’re likely to find that stocks are a fine choice for your first few trades. There is plenty of information available online about stocks, including within our market analysis section here at brokers. We often encourage first-time traders to start out trading with an asset that they are somewhat familiar with, and most of the time, it is stocks that are able to fill that role.

Do take the time to ensure that you are selecting an asset that you feel comfortable trading with. With so many to choose from, there will be plenty of profit opportunities available. Keep in mind that if you really take the time to explore your available options, you’ll soon be in the habit of honing in on the best trade setups and profit potential quickly and easily.

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