Guide To Using Rollover

Guide To Using Rollover

Rollover is an optional feature that is available within the Broker options platform. The basic purpose of this feature is to allow traders to gain more time for an out of the money position to move into the money. Sometimes, just a bit more time is all that will be needed in order to change a loss into a win.

The Rollover feature does not actually add time to a trade position, but instead will push the trade into the next available expiry period. In order for this to happen, all of the trade parameters must be exactly the same. Additionally, there must be an available upcoming matching trade and expiry time and in order to use the feature.

In order to use this feature within the Broker options platform, you’ll need to agree to a 30% increase in your investment amount. For example, if your initial investment sum was $100, once you elect to rollover the trade the new investment sum will be $130. There are, however, no fees or commissions associated with using this feature.

There will need to be 3+ minutes left in the expiry period in order to be able to use this feature. If Rollover is not an option for any reason, its associated button will be not be shown as “live” or available. Buttons for this feature, along with other optional features are presented to the right of each of your open digital options positions. Another condition for the use of Rollover is that the open digital options trade must be in an out of the money position (noted by the red color within the platform bar).

Why would a trader want to use Rollover? There are times when extra time may allow your selected asset to perform as you predicted. While there are no guarantees, Rollover provides you with the option to explore the possibility that additional time will prove beneficial.

Brokers Options provides not only Rollover, but also several other optional features that could help you to earn more money. Basic digital options trades can of course be extremely profitable, but optional features can at times help you to reduce losses while locking in more profit. Take these extras into consideration once you’ve mastered the basics of trading.

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