Guide To Using the Sell Feature

Guide To Using the Sell Feature

Have you ever been mid-trade and thought that it would be nice to be able to sell your option? Well, now you can. When trading binary options with binary broker, losing positions can sometimes be sold in exchange for a return of some of, or even more than your initial investment funds. It cannot be overstated just how valuable this feature is during times when market conditions are extremely volatile.

In order to sell your trade positions back to best trading plataform, you’ll need to visit your list of open positions. Both in the money and out of the money positions can be sold. To the right of each trade, the Sell button will appear. This button will only be functional when selling is an option. Click the button to be presented with a purchase offer for your option.

The offer price will vary, based upon the position of your trade. For example, if the option out of the money then you’ll be offered less money for the purchase of your option that you would if it were positioned in the money. Purchase offers will need to be either accepted or denied within a few seconds, but a click of the “refresh” button will present you with a new, updated purchase offer if you’re having a tough time deciding.

Should you decide to accept any offer, the purchase price will be placed directly into your binary options account. Note that your initial investment amount is not refunded. For example, if you decided to invest $25 in a trade and then accepted a purchased offer of $23.50, your account will be credited with $23.50 and not $25. The Sell feature is not a refund tool, but instead a means to avoid total investment loss when the asset price is not moving in the predicted direction. It is also used as a tool to lock in profit when the an option is moving in your favor.

Use of the Sell feature is completely optional. Traders would be wise to consider using it at times, however, as it can certainly help with reducing losses and assisting in steady profit growth. There is much value in being able to control your open binary options trades, so keep this feature in mind as you go about your daily trading.

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