IQ Option Scam Broker Review

IQ Option Scam Broker Review

IQ Option Scam Broker Review –  Has been in operation since 2013 and stands as one of the veteran brokers in the industry. This broker is privately owned, IQ Option Europe, their office is based in Cyprus at Yiannis Nicolaides Business Center, Agiou Athanasiou Avenue 33, 4102, Limassol. For IQ Option Ltd, its registered office is located at Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle, Providence, Mahe, Seychelles. Running the With its proprietary trading platform, IQ Option’s clients can also trade in 11 different types of crypto using CFDs. IQ Option offers features that may appeal to a plethora of digital options traders.

There are a number of advantages that binary options trading can offer over other forms of trading. One of the most important is the fact that learning how to trade is extremely simple. Once the basics of the standard  trade have been learned, you’ll be able to start trading for profit right away. While the simplicity of the overall trade process ranks highly on the list of benefits, there are other advantages to consider as well.

Another key advantage is the fact that all trades are bound to expiry times. This eliminates the requirement to make a decision on when to exit the market. When trading with IQ Option’s, you will at times have the opportunity to sell an open trade position. However doing so is entirely optional. Many costly mistakes are made in the traditional markets as a result of poor market exit strategies. When you trade digital options, the hours of stress and contemplation can be completely eradicated.

In relation to the aforementioned market exits come variable profits and losses. This is never a problem when trading digital options. Prior to entering into each trade, you are presented with the minimum investment amount, as well as the amount that you stand to earn should the trade close in your favor. Traders can never lose more than their chosen investment amount. Yes, a stop loss is possible when trading Forex or traditional stocks, but this still presents the possibility of losing more money than you intended to should your calculations be even slightly off.

There also exists a distinct advantage of digital options trading that is not seen in any other form of trading. This would be the ability to profit from both upward and downward asset price movement. With all other forms of investment, the asset price will need to increase in order for you to profit. With digital options it makes no difference which direction the price moves. So long as you have correctly predicted the direction of asset price movement to go along with your chosen expiry time, you earn money.

Last but not least, many traders coming into the digital options arena are pleasantly surprised to learn that there are no commissions or trading fees to pay out. This fact not only allows you to keep more of your earnings, but also allows for easier money management. Some brokers do ask for minimal withdrawal fees, but when trading with brokers such as IQ Option’s, the first withdrawal of each month is free. This means that it is possible to trade digital options at no cost.

All things considered, it’s quite easy to see why so many traders are now turning to digital options. Never has there been such as simple, straightforward, and profitable investment tool.

Asset Class Trade Timing IQ Options

Part of basic trade planning is knowing the optimal times for trading specific asset classes. One the first decisions you make when trading is which asset class to select your underlying asset from. When trading within the IQ Options platform, you’ll be able to select from hundreds of commodities, stocks, currency pairs, and indices. Any of these can provide you with profit, so long as you choose wisely.

IQ Options Review Scam Broker – Currency Pairs

IQ Option offers a wide range of currency pairs to trade with. Trading currencies in binary options format tends to be much easier than trading currencies in Forex formation. The same ultra-liquidity that allows for profiting in Forex, allows for profiting in digital options. Because of this same liquidity, there really is no right or wrong time to trade currency pairs. Do, however, take the time to not which pairs are more volatile than others. Each pair will carry its own distinct characteristics.

Guide To Asset Class Trade Timing IQ Options

Guide To Asset Class Trade Timing IQ Options


Indices typically do not become weighted down by over-regulation. These represent an entire, specific market, with each being representative of a number of different stocks. Each index will open and close at specific times, so when trading country-specific indices, you’ll need to know the hours of operation. In regard to optimal trading hours, consider the hour following market opening, as well as the hour prior to market closing. Additionally, market overlap hours can offer up great opportunities, such as when the London and Wall Street markets overlap for a short time.


Stocks are linked to specific companies. When trading stocks in digital options format, you are never purchasing any shares. In fact, when your stock-based IQ Options trades come to a close, any connection to said stock ends immediately. The best time to trade stocks tends to be just before and after financial data is releases to the public. When numbers are better than expected, look for Call opportunities. When they are worse than expected, look for Put opportunities. Note that both stocks and indices are strongly linked to market sentiment.


Commodities are physical items such as metals, crude oil, food products, and more. Commodities are often traded as futures which are contract-based. The best time for trading is usually at the beginning of a new 3-month contract, or somewhere around the mid point. Commodity values are often impacted by weather, natural disasters, and conflict. Keep up with world events if you plan of trading commodities for profit in the binary options arena.

Each asset class will offer up various times which happen to be more optimal for trading. The more often you trade within the IQ Options platform, the more familiar you’ll become with these times. Over time, you should instinctively know when to, or not to trade with specific assets classes and specific underlying assets. This knowledge will definitely help you to earn more money from your investment efforts.

IQ Option Broker Trading Platform 

The IQ Option platform is available in ten languages. It offers single window trading, complete with built in charts and all the necessary functions needed to complete each trade. Three step trading allows for easy trade execution without the need to navigate about the website. Simply select the asset and expiry time, select the prediction, and enter the investment amount. Click the submit button and the contract has been purchased.

IQ Option Broker Trading Platform 

IQ Option Broker Trading Platform


Trading Room 

Though they do not advertise it widely, IQ Option does offer a stellar mobile trading app. This application provides full deposit, trading, and withdrawal functionality and can be downloaded for free. It can currently be downloaded from the iPhone app store or for Android from Google play. An account will need to be created with IQOption in order to complete the download free of charge.

iPhone app store or for Android from Google play

iPhone app store or for Android from Google play

IQ Option Risk Management Methods For New Traders

Every form of investment is going to include some risk. However, there are differences in risk levels in relation to each form. Binary options trading is known as one of, if not the lowest risk form of investment. This is because fixed options provide complete transparency and in doing so, allow traders to control risk through each investment decision. The following are some additional methods that will help you control risk while trading.

One of the most basic ground rules it to keep your investment amounts reasonable. When you trade digital options, you alone make the decision of how much to invest with each trade. When trading with IQ Option trading the minimum requirements are extremely low, so that should never be a problem. The goal is simply to never commit to an investment amount that exceeds what you can easily afford to lose. This is the simplest way to avoid draining your account and needing to re-deposit funds.

Risks can also be lowered by making use of every tool that IQ Option provides you with. From trading guides such as this one, to in-depth daily market analysis, there are plenty of tools to take advantage of. You can also judge risk levels quite simply by comparing payout rates. Typically, higher paying trades carry more risk, while lower payout rates are associated with less risk. Less risk does not mean that you’ll win every trade, but it can sometimes mean that the asset movement forecast is going to be easier.

By controlling trade volume you can control risk. For example, if you are not trading well, reducing your trade volume while you make the necessary corrections would be a great idea. Sometimes it is good to pull back for a moment and evaluate your progress. Adjustments may need to be made that will allow you to earn more. The outcome of each trade completed within the IQ Option platform can be viewed in the account area. Here you will be able to see each outcome and determine your success percentage.

Supplemental trade features such as the Sell option can help you manage risk as well. IQ Option will allow traders to sell select open binary options positions back to them. This includes both in the money and out of the money positions. When out of the money, this would allow you to reduce your total loss. When in the money, this feature would allow you to lock in some profit while eliminating any possibility of a loss. In either case, the Sell feature is an excellent risk reduction tool that all traders should consider using from time to time.

Always remain mindful of the fact that you get to control the amount of risk that you are willing to accept. You likely entered into digital options trading because it automatically offers lower levels of risk. On top of this, you will be provided with many different ways to manage your investment risks with each trade.

IQ Option Trade Types

Up/Down, One Touch, Options Builder, and 60 Second trade types are currently available within the IQ Option platform. Each is customizable, but the Options Builder offers the highest level of customization. This broker also offers popular trade features such as Double Up and Roll Over. When combined with the available underlying assets, these trade types will present multiple digital options trading opportunities each day.


IQ Option Payout Percentages

The average payout offered by iOption stands at 92% but could also be higher or just slightly lower. A refund percentage of up to 15% of the investment amount is offered on trades that end out of the money. The broker also offers a “Protection Rate” which guarantees that no trader will ever lose 100% of his or her investment in any trade which ends out of the money. This is an interesting feature that no other broker is offering in this exact form.

Assets Available

The IQ Option asset index is loaded with underlying assets from all four major asset classes. At the time of this review, there were over 180 total stocks, 73 currency pairs, 7 commodities, 53 options, 23 Cryptocurrencies and 25 ETFs. This is well over 100 underlying assets that digital options traders can make use of in trading activity. In comparison, some brokers offer fifty or less underlying assets to choose from. IQ Options scores big in this area.

The full list of crypto that are available for trading at IQ Broker includes the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • IOTA
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • DASH
  • Ripple
  • Ethereum
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Litecoin
  • Omisego
  • Monero
  • Zcash
  • Santiment

At IQ Option, you can trade cryptoCFDs with leverage as high as 1:5.  This gives you the advantage of entering the crypto market with a lower capital than would be possible had you resorted to buying and selling the actual physical crypto.

With cryptocurrency CFDs, you can also open a trade with an investment amount as low as $10 hence making crypto trading much more affordable. The fact that you are investing in CFDs means that you do not require a crypto-wallet to hold your investments. This, in turn, means that your investment is safe from being hacked by hackers intending to steal crypto. Finally, with crypto trading at IQ Broker, you have the benefit of negative balance protection. In short, you can never lose more than what you invested in a position.

IQ Options Deposits

In order to trade digital options within the IQ Options platform, or any other platform for that matter, you’ll need to make a deposit. Since there are no fees associated with trading, 100% of the money deposited into your account will be available for use in your trades. Depositing funds is a simple process. However, there are a few things to consider prior to making a deposit.

Credit card and bank wire transfer are two of the most popular and safest methods of deposit. IQ Option’s accepts both of these forms of payment. Note that credit card deposits will process much faster than bank wire transfers, which can take time to be processed by your bank. If you’re anxious to start trading binary options immediately, opt for a credit card deposit instead.

One of the primary considerations of those about to make a deposit is how much to deposit. Brokers such as IQ Option do allow traders to use small investment amounts and that could factor into your decision. On the other hand, it is wise to consider depositing plenty of trading funds to get started with. This is especially important if you’ll be following a steady profit growth money management strategy.

Should any amount of bonus funds be linked directly to your deposit amount, consider taking full advantage of the opportunity. A certain amount of leverage will be required prior to being able to cash-out bonus funds. However, once this requirement has been met, you’re left with free money to withdraw or use in future digital options trades. Either way, bonuses are a good thing.

When you deposit funds for the purpose of trading digital options, you’re provided with the same level of transparency that renders this financial tool such a popular choice. With no broker commissions, hidden or upfront fees to contend with, all of your deposited funds can be used to trade and earn. Just be sure to pad your account well in preparation for your trading activities and you’ll be in a great position to get off to a strong start.


 Account Requirements

Account registration is free at iOption. To get started trading, a deposit will need to be made. Credit cards, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, MoneyBookers are the available deposit methods. Only two currencies are accepted, USD and EUR. The minimum deposit amount using either currency is $1, with the exception of wire transfer deposits which must be $10 or higher. There is no maximum deposit amount in place for wire transfers. However, credit card deposits are limited to 10,000 USD/EUR per transaction and MoneyBookers is limited to 10,000 USD/EUR.

Account registration is free at iOption. To get started trading, a deposit will need to be made. Credit cards, wire transfer, Skrill, Neteller, MoneyBookers





Each of the same methods which can be used to make a deposit can also be used to make a withdrawal. Identity verification must be completed prior to the first withdrawal request being processed. There is a minimum withdrawal amount in place. This stands at 10 USD/EUR. Credit card and MoneyBookers withdrawals are free of charge. Wire transfer withdrawals cost 10 USD/EUR each. iOption asks that traders allow 24 hours for the payment request to be processed and then another 1-3 days for the funds to be deposited into the designated account.

IQ Option Customer Service

Customer service is available in several languages including: English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish and Turkish. Email, live chat, and telephone are the three available contact methods. Emails can be sent directly to: [email protected] Support tickets can be opened directly from the website.

IQ Option Customer Service

IQ Option Customer Service

20 International contact numbers

There are designated phone numbers for 20 countries. The main IQ Option number is: +44 20 8068 0760. The “Contact Us” section of the website provides additional numbers for the headquarters, as well as a list of all of the country phone numbers. Those who prefer live chat can access this ability from the main page of the website.

Trading Tools

The iOption website is loaded with trading tools that will appeal to new and experienced binary options traders alike. These include tools such as a video tour, “How To Trade” section, knowledge center, eBook, and much more. IQ Option is also now offering “IQ Option Academy” which is hosted by experts and made available via live webinars.


Trading Tools

Technical Indicators

This broker is also now offering “Channel Trading” which is a strategy that was developed strictly for the IQ Option platform. The only weak point would be the lack of live, streaming financial news. However, this information can easily be gathered from other sources.

IQ Option Scam Broker Review – Scam Alerts

There were some indicators of trader dissatisfaction when iOption first launched in 2014. Since that time any kinks have been worked out and today, there is no indication of any IQ Option scam broker. This broker has made major improvements in all areas over the past few years and should be considered a reliable broker selection.

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