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There are many different binary options and digital options brokers available which traders can choose to do business with. Occasionally, there are rumors that go around about the best of them. Sometimes these are started because a customer had a rough experience with the broker because of a misunderstanding. Other times they are created by dishonest competitors who want to cause harm. Either way there were some erroneous rumors which stated that there was an IQ Option scam. However, the truth is that this is one of the most reputable brokers available to do business with. There is no such thing as an IQ Option scam.

Is IQOption Really Scam?

The broker established their reputable trading platform in 2013; and has been very reputable since that time. There have been very few issues with this broker of high reputation; even though they have witnessed other brokers come and go. Ask any trader who has done business with them and they will explain that there is not an IQOption scam. The broker continues to be one of the best binary options and digital options brokers in the world. Their own reputation speaks for them and debunks the thought that there has ever been an IQOption scam.

There are generally several areas which may be used by those who begin rumors such as the existence of an IQ Option scam. And the problem is that there are some brokers online which do carry on unethical and dishonest business practices to make a gain from tricking people. But those traders who take the time to investigate a broker they are considering doing business with will be able to spot these types of untrustworthy brokers. Traders who read reviews and do their research will also be able to tell that there is no such thing as an IQOption scam and that they are running an honest brokerage.

IQ Option scam demo account

IQ Option Demo Account

There are a few things that make a dishonest broker easy to spot. For one thing the site design is unprofessional and it is typically difficult to navigate their site. Visiting a broker’s site and taking a few minutes to look around at their features and the things they have to offer will alert potential traders to anything that is out of line. The fact that this broker has a professionally maintained site would indicate to the astute trader that there is not an IQ Option scam of any kind. Their site is easy to navigate and uncluttered with unnecessary items which indicates the lack of any type of an IQ Option scam.

IQ Option Customer Service

One thing to always check out on a potential broker’s site is their customer service department. This is usually nonexistent if the broker is scammy. Since there is not an IQ Option scam, traders who investigate the site will find that there are multiple ways to contact customer service. They will also find it easy to reach a real person to discuss any issues that might arise.

If there were an IQ Option scam this would not be possible. The broker has numerous phone contacts for different languages, email and fax information through which they may be contacted. They also have a live chat feature if a trader needs immediate help. When a broker like this makes themselves this available to traders it is typically certain that there is not an IQ Option scam going on.

IQ Option Customer Service

IQ Option Customer Service

The business is available 24/7 to assist traders in any way that is needed. Dishonest brokers do not care if traders get their questions answered or not, but since there isn’t an IQ Option scam they are eager to answer trader’s questions about their platform and operation.

Another way to tell the difference between an honest and a dishonest broker is to look at their educational resources for traders. An honest broker will want to offer as much assistance to traders as possible so that their trading experience on their platform is a pleasant and profitable one. There are many different on site resources available for traders which indicate the lack of an IQ Option scam.

They have many different tools to help traders learn how to operate successfully on their platform. Educational resources which indicate there is no IQOption scam include a glossary, how to make deposits, how to trade and trader basics.

Most of the time when there are circulating rumors about an IQ Option scam it is due to an issue a broker has had with bonuses. Many brokers offer bonuses and most traders do not understand the conditions. The trader must make a certain number of transactions before they earn the bonus.

Many times when there is an issue in this area, it is because the trader has not fulfilled all their obligations. These are stipulated when they sign up for the bonus, but frequently overlooked. Then when they want to withdraw funds they get frustrated and begin to think that there is an IQ Option scam; but this is simply not the case.

When a trader chooses to enter into a bonus agreement with a broker they should always carefully read the terms and conditions associated with the transaction. This will alleviate the misunderstandings and help them understand that there is not an IQ Option scam but there are rules that must be followed. When there is an issue with a bonus or any other matter, the customer service department is eager to offer their help. This is yet another indication that there is not an IQ Option scam.

Withdrawals are another area which can be tricky especially for the novice trader. Here once again there are certain conditions that must be met and for those who do not understand how the process works, they may think that there is an IQ Option scam. But this is just not so. There is a well established withdrawal process and it is important for traders to read through the guidelines in order to establish an understanding of how it works.

For instance, there is a minimum withdrawal amount. If a lower amount is requested the withdrawal will be denied. But this in no way indicates that there is an IQ Option scam; just that there are guidelines to be followed to make the request. The broker has it set up so that traders can access their accounts easily. They always have access to their account balance as well as the records of all their transactions. The company is not trying to hide anything but rather they make everything open to their registered traders. Once again this type of openness is an indication that there is not an IQ Option scam to have to worry about as all transactions are handled above board.

There is no indication that any type of con is going on with the brokerage. In fact, they take great pride in making sure that their platform is secure and that it is reliable for traders. There is not any type of IQ Option scam occurring. They are open and forthright about their security and privacy policies which indicate a high level of trust and dedication to their traders. The business also is very much available for traders or potential traders who may have any questions about procedures. This accessibility ensures traders that there is not an IQ Option scam going on with this particular broker.

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Another way that it is easy to identify a broker who is running a con is that they will make outlandish claims about profitability. A sign that there isn’t an IQ Option scam is that the broker offers payouts that are in a reasonable range. They are sitting just at an average return rate of somewhere between 70 and 92 percent returns for successful trades. They are not offering a get rich quick scheme and in no way make outlandish claims. They simply offer a trader a solid platform on which to trade. This displays that there is not an IQ Option scam of any kind.

A professional broker is pretty easy to identify and it is certain that an IQ Option scam does not exist since the broker is professional and reasonable in all of their dealings. They are a reputable broker which continues to run an established online trading business which is of high quality and reputation. Traders will find that all transactions are handled in a professional manner and that customer service representatives are courteous and helpful. These indicate that there is not an IQ Option scam to have to worry about when one desires to find a broker in order to trade online.

IQ Option Scam Conclusion

Another way to identify that there is not an IQ Option scam is to see if the broker keeps up with the latest technological advancements. This broker just recently added mobile options and aps for mobile trading. This makes it much easier for traders to manage their accounts even while on the go. By constantly improving their technology and keeping up with the latest advancement it indicates that they are an honest business which is concerned about their customers. Dishonest businesses do not improve their services to please customers. Staying on the cutting edge of technological advancements is a sure sign that there is not any type of an IQ Option scam.



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